Now carrying the name pasdestool, in the early days, pasdestool was nameless. It would still take several years into the process to get a name.

All kind of corks, resembling the shape of a mushroom (in example a champagne cork), got a single layer of paint to create a cork mushroom.

The simple decorative idea was worked out with paint markers.
One layer of white to create the foot of the shroom, a single layer of red for the hood. White dots were added, et voila, a nowadays called pasdestool was born.
Since the mushroom would be standing, the bottom of the cork was skipped in the painting process.

Except for the single layer of paint, nothing else was added to create the mushroom. No varnish to shield from damage, nor a keychain.

A simple mathematical formula, yet eyecatching.
The maths: cork + acryllic paint = mushroom
Throughout the years following upon the initial idea, the mushrooms namelessly grew into a worthy piece of hanger, able to brighten up a key set or room all alike.

Eventually, in a ceremonial aftermath brainstorm session, the name pasdestool emerged in Lukas his mind and has since greatfully been used.

Pasdestool stands for "no shit", in all possible positive approaches or thinking paths or.. 
One could say that it is in fact a proverbial expression.

With the coming of the name, pasdestool has been brought more and more into our world, rather than remaining an idea untouched.

Man Even Lamb about pasdestool:
"Pasdestool has its looks inspired by the fly agaric, which, to me, has been magical and amazing for as long as I can recall.
My wish is that this pasdestool can remind every and any one of all the magic that is in within oneself, and of all the magic that is around us, at all times."
75% of the income of every pasdestool being sold is being used as funding for the project Ik ben., the other 25% goes as support to la Geneytouse.

La Geneytouse is located in Toy Viam, France, and is founded by Dirk Ghekiere and Lieve Verhelle.
The organisation offers a variety of programs with the aim on personal growth, raise of consciousness and finding ones meaning of life.
It is a place where one can take a step back from daily life and take time to strenghten his or her spirit, with programs feeding body, mind, heart and soul.

To top it up, the location itself is surrounded by our most valuable and beautiful Mother Nature, offering, regardless of ones intention, the unconditioned chance to selfreflection.

La Geneytouse website

1 pasdestool - 4 euro
2 or more - 3,5 euro/pasdestool
Shipping is not included.
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